Thank you all for joining the AI4UAM summer school!


All the participants were specialized in different subjects, and most of them were focus on Aerospace related topics. Nevertheless, some of them had also some background skills in Machine Learning and Neural Networks, and all of them showed great interest in deepening or starting to investigate the AI aspects which could concern the Air Urban Mobility.

The lectures have been then scheduled in such a way to provide some main notions about Reinforcement Learning (without starting from scratch) in order to allow all the students to understand how to apply these concepts to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, and more in general to Unmanned Aerial Systems.

Every day, from Monday until Friday, the breakfast (Coffee Break) and lunch have been served in the courtyard of the department, where PhD students, professors and speakers could enjoy the food and the mutual company by relaxing and learning more about the study background of others and beyond.

The students attending the AI4UAM PhD School showed great interest in the topics covered, mainly in the practical lesson and in networking moments, where they could show their doubts and perplexities and propose solutions and suggestions.

During the free time on Wednesday afternoon, a mini Rome tour was organized in order to allow all the participants to know better the city through a guided walk among the main attractions and buldings of Rome. The main stops of the guided walk through the very typical routes of Rome included very famous places and buildings such as the Colosseum, the Imperial Forums, the Trevi Fountain and many others.

In addiction, the social dinner held on Thursday has been a very enjoyable moment to exchange opinions and fun facts and to talk about the habits, customs and cultures of all the people attending the Summer PhD School and coming from different parts of Europe.


A total of 26 member participated in the summer school. Most of them were PhD student coming from nine different countries.

An additional six professors and industry specialist where invited to give talks and insight on the interesting topic of Air Urban Mobility.

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Participants' presentation

Keep in touch with the members of AI4UAM! Check out their presentation in the slides.